Oh, the world of textiles… 

The last weeks of summer are starting to speed up with jobs and personal work. GRÆY CORPORATION, INC is expanding and our growing team of creative, young people is damn cool! Working quite a bit at my home studio downtown on illustrations and studying some textile compositions for apparel. The plans I have for GRÆY CORPORATION, INC apparel are directed towards our unisex collared shirts, ties, and scarves. Go big or go home! I LOVE the talented people I have around me and working along side. This is going to be a fabbbbulous year (even though NYU will kick me in the ass of course.)

Also! I am starting to book some style assisting jobs to start off my fall lifestyle, specifically one at Glamour! Let’s make this year spontaneous. 

Styled By Storm Vintage Collection on etsy features beautifully preserved home decor and accessories. Usually in Florida, my mother (who is also the connoisseur of vintage shopping) and I will search through estate sales for the perfect pieces. Not only have I been doing this with my mom since I was a little kid, but she has exposed me vintage entertainment from classic television sitcoms to anything on Turner Classic Movies. Challenege me to label a time period. I dare you.   

Sarcasm aside (like that would ever happen), nostalgia somehow holds more meaning to me than most, and I believe that is not a unique trait. My goal in style and fashion is to always promote history and cohesion to the past because everything does come full circle. The trick is making that current circle bigger than, but not overlapping the previous.

Check out Styled by Storm Etsy & follow my style styledbystorm + @styledbystorm! Vintage clothes and jewelry will be freshly stocked in the next coming months. 

August, West Village, New York.

My air conditioner is off. I have to say it is pretty damn early for the city to be feeling such a fall vibe, but my open window seems to be the portal to the future ‘pumpkin-flavored-everything-land.’ Living in the West Village at the moment - more pictures of the apartment to come - but loving the atmosphere obviously! Although, I am not ready to embrace fall, as I am desperately holding on to my thoughts of 90 degree Florida weather and tequila sunrises.  

21 and ambitious, as they say, I freelance work as an assistant stylist for editorial fashion (recent cred: russhmagazine, vogue, colehaan) as well as my own work of styling and art via styling shoots for schoolofvisualarts photographers, like meganbreukelman. I am into building an image on the spot, due to my history in theatre set design and current concentration of costume. Basically, give me a concept and let me run. 

In June, I launched a side-project Etsy store of Styled By Storm featuring vintage and antique home decor and accessories. Not only do I have a passion for styling, but vintage styling is a whole other world. Nostalgia is one of my pillars of values, so education in historical social and pop culture is in the future for me (and you) as well. Ya know got to know a little about everything! 

NYU starts up in a few weeks, as well as my growing illustration designs for my start-up GRÆY CORPORATION, INC. via styledbystorm, hopefully stocked by the end of the year!  As for now, follow my Instagram to follow my style styledbystorm

Does it sound like I am all over the place? Well, perhaps I am. But at least I am giving it the old collge try, eh old sport?